Swine Programs & Services


The difference between Furst-McNess and the typical animal feed company, is that we take a full 360° approach when determining the best method to achieving optimal production and financial results.  Numerous variables that affect the health, performance and nutritional needs of the animal are considered, as well as the impact those variables have on the financial and personal goals of the swine producer.   In addition to developing optimal nutrition programs specific to your unique business requirements, our Program experts can also deliver a solution that includes coordinating veterinary care and management support.  


MetaFarms is a software platform offered through Furst-McNess that uses world-class database technology to compile your operation’s data that can then be used as a tool to help assess, analyze and make critical decisions regarding your business.  Our MetaFarms experts enter your data into this secure web-based software, and most major packers import critical carcass data directly into the MetaFarms system (including carcass parameters, lean premiums and sort losses). All of this helps manage your relevant production and financial data from wean to finish.  One of our PhD nutritionists will review the data to help ensure optimal performance and carcass quality are being achieved, thus creating even more value for our customers.    


Because of our long-standing relationships with key suppliers throughout North America and around the world, Furst-McNess can offer a variety of commodities and feed ingredients to our customers.  McNess can supply a full complement of micro and macro feeding ingredients, including minerals, amino acids, distillers dried grains and soybean meal, just to name a few. We have an experienced team of merchandisers to explore commodity opportunities in your region to help maximize feed cost savings. Our merchandisers and traders understand the importance of providing the right product at the right time at the right price.

For additional information on any of these services:
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