Swine Program

Furst-McNess account managers are here to partner with producers and help them achieve their goals. We believe in providing our customers with on-farm implementation, state-of-the-art feeding programs derived from extensive research, computer modelling techniques, as well as programs developed through extensive practical experience. Furst-McNess feed programs are focused on optimum profitability

Our Swine 360° Program approach to business operations provides producers with experts that can address different components of the animial production process, looking at ways to improve performance, productivity and profitability. Furst-McNess account managers understand that there is more to a producer's operation than just feeding the animals.

The swine products produced by Furst-McNess are formulated to provide the right nutrients at the proper levels. Our proprietary computer modelling platform allows us to not only customize nutrition for a given genotype, but to also customize it to a specific system. Our sales team takes a consultative approach to identifying and meeting the needs of our producers.

Email us at swine@mcness.com with any questions or to setup a time to meet with our team.