Research and Development

Furst-McNess Company operates a state-of-the-art Livestock Nutrition Research and Development laboratory in our Freeport, IL office.  The R&D laboratory uses in vitro gas production technologies for the evaluation, development and refinement of new and existing propriety McNess products, feed ingredients and feed additives.  The development of new feeds and feeding programs, along with analytical development for measuring nutrients, enhance the production of meat and milk for human consumption while reducing the cost of production.  The development of new nutritional parameters improve nutritional models that enhance livestock performance yielding improved returns for our producers.

Analytical capabilities include: near infrared spectroscopy (NIR) analysis of feed commodities and identification of value-added ingredients and valuable sources of ingredients.  Rate and extent of ruminal nutrient digestion using ruminal fluid from rumen cannulated cows for measuring the digestion of feeds and commodities with or without feed additives, such as Equalize™, GoldPro™, Expelled Cottonseed, Silage Inoculants and others, measurements of volatile fatty acids due to feeds and feed additives, building of nutrient databases based on nutrient and digestibility concentrations.  Additionally, standard laboratory equipment supports the need for drying, grinding and weighing out samples for analytical determinations.