McNess LEAN FUEL® utilizes exclusive, patent-pending technology for pigs from 150 pounds to market.  Lean Fuel® is an all-natural, non-GMO, heavily-researched technology that supports feed intake and maintains health, which may lead to improved uniformity and growth in pigs. Research has shown that LEAN FUEL® supports excellent feed intake and growth (Sandberg et al. 2015), and several trials have shown improvements in yield, and therefore carcass feed efficiency. Further research has shown improved Iodine values in both the belly and the jowl, which may be beneficial in certain systems.

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Performance of DNA 600 Duroc Sired pigs when split sex fed with commercial diets with or without a blend of phytonutrients (LEAN FUEL®).

Responses to feeding higher levels of dried distiller grains with solubles (DDGS) for gilts and barrows, when supplemented with plant extracts (LEAN FUEL®).

Effects of Lysine (and ideal protein) levels on performance of pigs with and without the addition of a blend of phytonutrients (LEAN FUEL®) in the late finishing phase.

Effects of a blend of phytonutrients (LEAN FUEL®) on performance and market weight in finisher pigs during the late finishing phase when compared to 1500 kcal and 1600 kcal diet.