Lactating Cow Program


High peak milk, great persistency and easy rebreeding are the goals of the McNess lactation premix products.  Three series of products, each with their own unique features, match the needs for all production levels with base forages available. Your Furst-McNess representative is ready to assist in the selection of the package of vitamins, minerals and feed additives that will be the best match for your needs. Your representative uses leading-edge ration balancing software and models to ensure optimal nutrition. By providing assistance in sourcing commodity feedstuffs and expertise in creating lactation supplementation blends locally, Furst-McNess Company offers an unmatched value package of products and services for your dairy operation.

Dairy Premixes
Features a complete supplemental mineral package. Mineral levels and ratios vary to complement and balance the minerals present in the forages, grains and co-product feedstuffs used. From all alfalfa forage base to an all corn silage base with corn co-products being fed, one of the premix products balances the mineral needs of the lactating cow. Dairy Premixes have a low inclusion rate allowing a completely customized feeding program to be created using added buffers, salt and feed additives. 

Dairy Blends
Contain all the features of the Dairy Premixes plus highly available zinc from Zinpro's Availa Zinc. Salt is added for mixing convenience. As with the Dairy Premix, mineral levels and ratios vary to complement varying forages.

Dairy Balancer Paks
Contain the additional features of added buffer to neutralize rumen acid and live yeast to stimulate fiber digesting bacteria leading to increased butter fat and milk production. Availa-4 from Zinpro Corporation is added to provide highly available zinc, copper, manganese and cobalt to help improve immune function and disease resistance.

For feeding directions, to speak with one of our dairy nutritionists, or to be connected with one of our Dairy Account Managers, email: