Heifer Replacement Program


Developing the heifer for high peak milk production and persistency over a long productive life is the goal of the McNess Dairy Heifer Replacement Program. Starting at birth with McNess All Milk or Acidified Stress Milk Replacer and Calf Enhancer Supplement, moving on to Calf Premix after weaning and then to Maxi-Growth Heifer Premix will set your heifers on this course. During this time, your McNess representative is there to help you manage your heifers on this path to success by providing a variety of solutions. From ration balancing services that ensure proper nutrition and growth rates to commodity ingredient sourcing to optimize feed costs, McNess adds value for your bottom line.

All Milk Acidified Milk Replacer

  • Non-medicated product #CMR100.
  • With Deccox, for control of coccidiosis, product #1136.
  • 20% All-Milk Protein.
  • Instantized formula for easy missing in warm water.
  • Acidified to lower pH improving digestion and reducing incidence of scours.
  • Beneficial bacteria to promote healthier microbial balance.
  • Improved biosecurity reduces the risk of transferring disease from whole milk to calves.

Acidified Stress Milk Replacer

  • Non-medicated product #CMR200
  • With Neo-Oxytetracycline for treatment of bacterial scours, product #CMR201
  • All the benefits of All Milk Acidified Milk Replacer plus animal plasma containing antibody proteins to help calves fight disease resulting in better growth.

Calf Enhancer Supplement Pellet D
Mixed with grain, product #1414 makes a palatable first dry feed for calves from three days of age to 3 to 5 weeks after weaning. Calf Enhancer Supplement Pellet D provides high quality protein and balanced vitamin and mineral nutrition for the young calf.

Calf Premix
With Deccox, product #1047 or with Bovatec, product #1048, is for calves weighing from 200 to 400 pounds when mixed with soybean meal and grains. Calf Premix provides complete balanced mineral and vitamin nutrition for the heifer.

Maxi-Growth Heifer Premixes
With Rumensin, product #1145 or with Bovatec, product #1146, should be used once heifers reach 400 pounds body weight. These products are designed to be mixed into concentrates or total mixed rations (TMRs).

For feeding directions, to speak with one of our dairy nutritionists, or to be connected with one of our Dairy Account Managers, email: dairy@mcness.com.