Grow/Finish Nutrition


The single largest cost of producing a market hog is the feed it consumes; death loss also affects profitability. With numerous choices of ingredients, enzymes, minerals and vitamins, the design of a finishing program requires extreme attention to detail and a keen understanding of your business objectives. How various interacting factors such as genetics, environment, disease pressures and regional differences in ingredients will also impact your success.

All McNess Finishing Programs are designed by our PhD nutritionists who have significant formulation experience. Using our proprietary formulation software and financial modeling tools, we can customize optimal Grow/Finish Programs for each time of the year, considering changes in weather, health and seasonal variations in profitability.  And as part of our 360° approach to serving our customers, we can assist in other factors that impact productivity, including ventilation, feed and water setting, daily pig care, sorting strategies at marketing time and PQA certification. 

With our proprietary modeling software, can help maximize your return on investment through quality data analytics… ask us how!

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Lean Fuel® utilizes exclusive, patent-pending technology for pigs from 150 pounds to market. 

CORE™ is a combination of carefully produced and selected levels of six primary enzymes and two pro-biotic bacterias that synergistically facilitate the digestion of different fractions of plant materials.