Dry Cow/Transition Cow Program


As a time for rest and recuperation, the dry period prepares the cow for her next lactation. Furst-McNess dry cow and transition programs are designed to help your cows avoid metabolic disorders and permit high peak production with great persistency. Starting at dry off, your Furst-McNess representative is ready to assist with the selection of one of the Dry Cow 20, 30 or 40 products and with recommendations on close up rations using Transition Dairy Premix Plus. Ration balancing capabilities are available to ensure optimal nutrition as well as assistance in sourcing commodity feedstuffs for use in your dairy operation.

Dry Cow Products (50# bags) feature:

  • High levels of vitamin E. 1500 IU of Vitamin E. Use daily for improved reproductive performance and health. Research has shown a reduction in mastitis of over 30% when vitamin E is fed at this level during the dry period.
  • Organic selenium from selenium yeast. Shown to increase blood selenium levels, the higher levels can lead to higher transfer rates to calves and strengthen the immune system of cows when most needed—during calving.
  • Zinpro Availa 4. Zinc, manganese and copper have greater availability to the cow when complexed with amino acids. This leads to better immune response and better quality colostrums with higher immunoglobulin oncentrations.
  • Mineral levels designed for the dry cow and the forages consumed. McNess Dry Cow premixes contain high levels of magnesium to help offset the effects of high potassium found in many types of forage. With three products to choose from, mineral levels are varied to balance the mineral content of the forages being used.
  • Low salt level to cover nutritional needs for sodium and chloride.

Dry Cow 20 is designed to be fed with legume forages at the rate of .25lb/cow/day.
Dry Cow 30 is designed to be fed with mixed legume/grass forages at .30lb/cow/day.
Dry Cow 40 is designed to be fed with grass forages and silages at .40lb/cow/day.

Transition Dairy Premix Plus features high levels of Vitamin E, organic selenium and Zinpro Availa 4 along with:

  • Calcium propionate as a glucose precursor for energy.
  • Probios Precise to increase rumen pH resulting in higher dry matter intake allowing higher milk production.
  • Niacin (8 grams) to help prevent fatty livers.
  • No added salt to reduce incidence of udder edema.

For feeding directions, to speak with one of our dairy nutritionists, or to be connected with one of our Dairy Account Managers, email: dairy@mcness.com.